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7/12, 19, 26 & 8/2,9,16






7/15, 22, 29 & 8/5,12,19

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Group Class Additional Info

*Unless otherwise stated all classes and groups will take place at the Jolk Family Home. 

We have an intentional open layout for classes and look forward to hosting all of you! 

All classes are held downstairs in a safe supervised atmosphere. 

Current COVID guidelines will be appropriately followed.  

You are always welcome to wear a mask or let us know if we can accommodate any concerns. 


*All classes must have at least SIX participants to be held.  If less than four participants are signed up by June 1st  we will contact you personally to determine a good alternate plan. We have many offerings and will work with you as much as possible to provide a great opportunity for you or your student.  

*If more than 8 students are signed up for a group course we will explore opening additional times.  We have spaces available to us should we need to expand more. Feel free to invite your friends!


For further questions please visit our website or email Owner Sarah Jolk at  

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