My name is Sarah Jolk.  Many of you know me as the Founder of EmpowerMe Arts.  We’re a local music and arts school seeking to ignite the artist within each of us!  

We could not BE more excited to announce that we will soon be moving from our in-home studio setup to a building!  But not just any building… and not only for music and art lessons! 

We will be adopting the entire former Mama Passarelli's building!  We are so grateful for this opportunity!  If you know my husband Kalen and I you know we’re community builders.  We want to see people be Empowered in their gifts, friendships, families and so much more.  


In this space we plan to have….

FIVE MUSIC STUDIO ROOMS for lessons, band and practice space!

…a MESSY ART CLASSROOM for group art classes and art play!

…a MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM for our group music classes AND meeting space for community groups!

GALLERY SPACE for local artists to share their work throughout the building! 

…a COFFEE SHOP yes you read that right!  We will have a space for you to come and hangout with your family and friends, a safe place to come and do homework, meet with other moms and kids and so much more!  We’ll have a space for local musicians to share their music and students to perform as well!  We want you to think of this as your community living room!


We want to invite you to join the excitement!  If you’re anything like my family and I, we wondered what was going on with that building every time we drove by.  We hope this is a space you’ll adopt as a home-away-from-home.  


We post when we have updates and to let you know how you can have your fingerprints on this space too!  


Please make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok with the name: @EmpowerMeArts.  And sign-up for our newsletter on the website!  EmpowerMeArts.com (bottom of the page).  


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