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We Make Learning Music Fun!

No matter the age or stage we offer private lessons in a wide variety of

musical subjects all customized to your personal journey!  

1:1 lessons approach learning in linear and experiential ways. Students learn musical tools

and how to apply them in ways that ignite their inner artistry and build life-long creativity and confidence! 

Piano Practice




Guitarist Writing Song


Guitarist Performing

Bass Guitar

Guitar Lesson

Electric Guitar

Image by Andrey Grodz


Music Interest Form

Frequently Asked Questions

How young can a student be to work with?

For 1:1 lessons* we recommend no younger than 3yrs.  In general, if you find yourself with a younger student (age 6 and *younger) who loves to create our "Music Exploration" track is perfect for them!  In this subject we walk the student through the basics of music while introducing them to many different instruments including piano, guitar, drums, violin and more!  We recommend at least 6-8 sessions so the student can explore freely and find a subject they'd might like to focus on more than others.  This can be done for any student any age.

*Students must be potty-trained.  Occasionally we offer "parent and me" classes for birth-age 4.

*Group classes will have ages listed

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