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Address and directions will be sent out to you in your confirmation information. 


When you arrive please take off shoes and leave them on the front porch. Do not ring the doorbell for classes-we will let you in when ready. Feel free to wait on the porch or sidewalk, or in the car if it's raining.

Our classes run on a tighter schedule, please help us deliver the best experience possible by: 

-being ready to come in when we open the door around 5 mins prior to class 

-being ready to pick up your child, waiting for them at the 45 min mark (class duration is 50mins)

-We are not able to supervise your child when the class is not in session. If there are emergencies please let us know ASAP by texting your teacher.


Please park in front of our house on the street and use sidewalks. Please help us keep our HOA happy and do not walk over the landscaping.  Also please do not pull up in the area by the cross walk.  This is much more narrow than the rest of the street and you will be blocking traffic.  Please pull to the side where the road opens up for parking or drop-off.



Our pricing is done in a membership format: 30 min lessons weekly start at $120/month flat rate and 60 min lessons weekly start at $240/month flat rate. Pricing is dependent on the teacher and how many subjects are taught in a single session. We offer a 10% sibling discount no matter how many siblings are registered. The sibling discount is applied to the lesser-cost student.  Group classes are priced per class.


We welcome any questions you may have!  Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your experience better by filling out our contact form below.

Questions? Please contact us!

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