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  • Is EmpowerMe Arts a religious organization or have religious affiliation?
    No. We strive to be a safe and welcoming place for all people no matter of race, religion, gender, culture political beliefs or otherwise. We partner with many community organizations from various belief systems but our programs are not religious or political in nature. Staff are encouraged to be inclusive and authentic with the way they live out any beliefs as long as they do not create an unsafe or uncaring environment for those around them. We are open about our journeys but always encouraging others to seek out what helps them to thrive!
  • I used to play an instrument but it never really clicked-do you teach older students?
    Absolutely! We teach babies to grandparents and everyone in-between!
  • Practically, what does this look like for my child who doesn't need a lot of in-depth coaching?
    Great question! This means that 1) the teacher is always considering how to build the lesson around the specific student's personality, needs, and desires and 2) that if roadblocks do arise (like perfectionism, apathy, lack of motivation, or other things) we're prepared to address those in life-giving ways.
  • What if I don't feel comfortable with coaching and just want to focus on an instrument?
    To us, that's one way we do coach-catering to you! If you're uncomfortable with branching away from the technical subject we understand and are happy to stick more to the academic side. We'll still try to approach your teaching in a way that works with your learning style and personality as we learn about you But don't worry-we teach about healthy boundaries all the time and definitely respect yours!
  • Coaching seems like counseling- is this music or art therapy?
    While some of our sessions are very therapeutic and utilize thought-processing, stress management, meditation and other things only our licensed staff will act as true counselors. That said, we do follow a counseling rule of disclosure. We tell clients that things they share with us in processing are confidential unless they are hurting themselves, someone else or if someone is hurting them. We comply with all mandatory reporting and have lists of area resources to help families find the help they need. All children are encouraged to share any/all things we discuss with their trusted parent/guardian and we help facilitate that communication if help is needed. We follow child protection practices and use things like Teacher Zone to keep communication all in one place where parent's can view if there are concerns.
  • I just want to learn an instrument-isn't it a waste of time to focus on anything other than the technical skill?
    We understand that this approach isn't for everyone but we've learned that meeting people where they're at and working with them is far more effective at creating enthusiastic life-long healthy artists.
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