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What if taking music lessons doesn't have to be a chore? 


Have you ever taken a music lesson and felt 



and ended up giving up? 

What if there was another way to learn?  

What if.... your child's creativity grew through music lessons?  

What if... they didn't only learn the notes but why they're setup that way?

What if... they got to experience using what they learn and perform and jam with other students?

What if... they came alive as a person because they got to explore the skill and their own gifts together?  

What if... the way that their mind formed during this process created a mind that could creatively problem solve, self-evaluate and deal with emotions better?

What if... the attempt at learning an instrument brings up deeper things and your teacher was actually able to help you through that or direct you to someone who could?  


What if... taking music lessons for some "you time" turned into a healing experience?  

These have actually happened HERE!

We believe that each person you (yes you!) has a unique set of gifts and talents and a unique path to use them on. We also know that accessing our creative mind and helping that grow only betters us in every area of life. When you start at EmpowerMe Arts we evaluate YOUR goals, personality, creative desires and so on to create a catered experience just for you! And who doesn't like that? We offer a lot of services but at the end of the day we're simply saying:


How can we help YOU be a more confident, skilled, healthy and FREE artist?  


We call that whole idea Empowerment...and the approach? 

Artistic Life Coaching 

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