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EmpowerMe Arts is a business by and for the community.  
Help us empower through the arts!

Volunteer with us at The Maple Valley Farmer's Market by teaching a new art skill at our "Creativity Corner" under the pavilion! This is an area we provide for free to inspire community togetherness.  


We are open to:

-accessible art forms for kids 

-easy projects for kids/adults 

-art demonstrations

*We always need help keeping things tidy and with setup/teardown.  

What a fun way to get volunteer hours! 

Other opportunities often arise to volunteer with us through the arts or just as helping hands at a community project, school, local non-profit or others.  When our community members volunteer we can provide many more opportunities for people to be empowered.


 If you need volunteer hours for school or just want to be involved please fill out this application and we will notify you of any opportunities available.  

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