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We Make Learning Music Fun!

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Piano Practice


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Guitarist Writing Song


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Lessons are 25mins weekly for ages 8 and under.

$157/mo includes four lessons


What's Different about Music Coaching?

Simply put music coaching is focused on the entire person.  We place people over curriculum and your learning style over how someone else may learn best.  It's a whole-person approach.  Whether you try it out for a semester or become a professional musician you know that you've gained valuable life-long creative thinking and problem solving skills while enjoying the beautiful and wonder of the arts!

Why Do You Recommend a Minimum of 8 Weeks?

Imagine this, your kid is excited about music and you begin to think “hey- maybe it’s time for music lessons!” You meet a teacher, everyone’s excited and then... they have to practice.  Has your 5, 6, or 7 year-old had to practice for anything before?  Appropriately this concept is likely new to them. 

Beginner students are often showing interest for a few reasons; either someone around them or a character they admire demonstrated an instrument or they may have been introduced to a toy version and they liked it!  All of which is wonderful!!  We highly encourage music exposure in whatever way they can get it and being INSPIRED is the first step.  

The quickest way to waste your time and resources is to allow a child to quit within a few lessons.  They are not yet over the hump of learning:

...that instruments aren’t the same as toys and therefore won't bring the same immediate dopamine "hit".

...that while we can make the instrument sound great right away we have to work for the reward of playing the way the person who inspired us did

...that our goal may require repetition to help us get really strong!

“I don’t want to FORCE my kid!” 

We don’t want you to either!  There’s a huge difference between forcing and providing structure, encouraging, and guiding.  For more information on how to help children (especially 9 and younger) get into the swing of learning an instrument in a positive, encouraging, and empowering way checkout this video with local parenting coach Melynda O’Brien and myself, Sarah Jolk. 

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Ages 9 & UP Music
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Why 8 Weeks
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