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We Make Learning Fun

If you have a passion for visual arts and are seeking personalized coaching, we invite you to take advantage of our meet and greet. This introductory time allows you to familiarize yourself with our space and get a feel for our coaching style, while we all assess if we are the right fit for your artistic journey. Regardless of your age* or level of experience we welcome all who are dedicated to improving their skills and discovering more about how they can thrive through the arts!  There is a $35 fee which covers the customizing meet and greet time and is put towards your lessons/materials if you choose to move forward.


*Private lessons are available as a parent-and-me for ages 4 and under

dragos-gontariu-54VAb3f1z6w-unsplash (3).jpg

Art Exploration

Water color paints


Girl Behind the Lens_edited.jpg


Image by Debby Hudson



Resin Art

Video Editing Station_edited.jpg

Video Editing

Image by KOBU Agency



Abstract Canvas

Painting Easels

Frequently Asked Questions

How young can a student be to work with?

For 1:1 lessons* we recommend no younger than 3 without a parent or guardian present.  If you find yourself with a younger student (age 6 and *younger) who loves to create our "Art Exploration" track is perfect for them!  With this subject we walk the student through different art tools and 1-3 fun ways to apply them each session; such as drawing, painting, colored pencils, crayons, markers, air-dry clay and more!.  We've seen this allow the student to hoan their creativity and after 6-8 sessions they often find a subject they'd like to focus on more than others.  This can be done for any student any age.

*Students must be potty-trained.  Occasionally we offer "parent and me" classes for birth-age 4. 

*Group classes will have ages listed

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