COVID-19 Policies



While there are many opinions and struggles related to COVID-19 our business goal remains the same. To EmpowerYOU. If you gather any political stance from us after reading this or at any other time rest assured that is not the underlying message. We believe all people deserve to be respected, heard, loved, and empowered to go forward in their gifts! Let’s be kind to one another.  


A few rules to live by: 

  1. We expect mutual common courtesy from and for you regarding symptoms.  

  2. Our boundaries are there to LOVE you well, please don’t try to push for exceptions.  

  3. Acknowledge that we’re ALL traumatized from our COVID experiences. IT IS NOT FUN FOR ANYONE ON ANY SIDE.

  4. We are here for you. If you want to talk just ask- we’ll be happy to make time for you!

Now to the nitty gritty….. 

What to do if you have symptoms? 

Please refer to the symptom chart below for any of our services.  We expect mutual common courtesy for and from you regarding symptoms.  


If symptoms (1 or more from #1, 2 or more from #2) are happening but everyone feels up to a lesson we are happy to offer the option of a high-quality online lesson at your same scheduled time.  We are FULLY set up to offer a great experience and will be happy to help you with any technology or setup questions*.  Because we offer the option to hold lessons online we do not offer to do a make up at another time.  If your teacher is out for any reason and a substitute is also not available; at that point only we will reschedule or offer you a credit for your class/lesson.


Any make-up issued must be used within 30 days of the missed class or lesson.  Makeups are not given for group classes.  If EmpowerMe Arts is unable to provide the service we will refund you for that missed class.  


*technology questions must be arranged prior to the lesson at a time we are not already teaching OR you must acknowledge that some of your lesson time will be taken up with this setup.


Symptom Chart based on Valley Medical Center’s Employee Work Standards


While we try to keep things as consistent as possible for our students there are times when a substitute teacher may step in for your lesson/class due to illness, vacation, or performances. This will only be done with supervisor approval and we will inform the student (or guardian if the student is under 18) of this as soon as possible. Our talented staff are completely capable of stepping in and continuing the student’s education if the need arises. You are welcome to decline the lesson but a makeup or refund will not be offered. 


*If there are issues with a specific teacher that would cause a student to be uncomfortable we expect you would have already notified us as this would be extremely important to us.

Ongoing Safety Precautions

In general as a business we will comply with government guidance. Currently we are asking all persons ages 5 and up to be masked at our events. Singers may be asked to wear a face shield we will supply during projected breathing/singing work (so we can see faces).


Additional measures in place are as follows: 

  • Check-in process for staff before each day of lessons stating that they have had no symptoms and keeping temperature log.

  • Hand sanitizing available in each learning space.

    • We have fragrance free lotion available if hands are dry from this.  

  • Single-use washable hand towels in the bathroom so towel sharing doesn’t occur. 

  • Full-service bathroom for hand washing if sanitizer is uncomfortable to use.

  • Quality air purifier in the smaller learning space. 

  • Social distancing as much as possible. 


Offsite Precautions

When hosting events at other venues we will do our best to sanitize and provide opportunities for social distancing. Our staff will always strictly adhere to the symptoms checklist above. When we are providing a service at a non-EmpowerMe Arts owned venue; such as our current homeschool class at LumberHouse Brewery we will differ to and honor the desire of the venue owners. Lumberhouse class attendees for instance will not be required to wear a mask but will be asked to agree to our rules regarding symptoms and will need to sign a waiver acknowledging the risk taken by not wearing a mask (soley for liability purposes). In the same way if at a location that strongly desires masks, social distancing etc. we will absolutely honor this and ask our students and families to as well. 

While we will do our best to keep things clean and mitigate risk of sickness, EmpowerMe Arts, Sarah & Kalen Jolk, Jolk Enterprises, or any of their staff/agents hold no liability for person(s) contracting illness while interacting with us in any venue.

Thank you,

Sarah and Kalen Jolk


We welcome any questions you may have!  Feel free to text or ask in person.  And as always please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your experience better. 

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Questions? Please contact us!