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Join Empower Me Arts
Ignite Creativity, Empower Communities!

EmpowerMe Arts Summer 2024 Internship


What are these Interns Up to? 


EmpowerMe Arts is all about nurturing creativity, building community, and fostering personal growth. Right here, right now, you’re getting witness the talent and dedication of our interns as they work live at our events and behind the scenes to prepare for them.


These interns are gaining real-world skills in business, communications, and more, while making a tangible impact - inspiring creativity in YOU!

From brainstorming to sales, they're driving innovation and making waves in our community through EmpowerMe Arts!



Please consider supporting their journey by providing constructive feedback and tipping them below for their hard work and dedication.

Let's celebrate their contributions to our shared creativity and community empowerment!


We always welcome feedback of your experience and especially ask for feedback about our interns so they can grow exponentially while working with us!


Please let them know:

What they’re doing WELL as much as what they can do to improve.

Maybe share your work experience stories?

We’ll share your constructive feedback with them in our team meetings!


EmpowerMe Arts is a business by the community, for the community. 

Our mission is to do four things:

AWAKEN the creativity in each of us,

INSPIRE people to explore their gifts, 

EMPOWER them to achieve their goals, and

IGNITE them to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

We do this through holistic or "whole person" coaching focused in music and the arts.  Using artistic tools we are able to not only help students excel in their gifts and talents but also empower them to use different life management tools to succeed in every area of life.  

 We are located in Black Diamond, Washington and extend our services to surrounding communities.

 We are also available online from anywhere in the world!

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