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Everything You Need To Know

We exist to help you ignite the artist within! 

Our team of creatives is ready to guide and support you on your journey to becoming your best self. Whether through music, art, life coaching or all the above, we are here for you!  

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The Basics

COVID Policies

Please see our COVID Policies page.


Cancellations/Missed Class

Our pricing is built as a membership - in the same way we try to make as many scheduled dance classes as possible we encourage you to make as many of your lessons as possible.  If sickness occurs we are happy to do your lesson on Zoom with a minimum of 2hrs notice but no refund or makeup will be given (as we are offering an alternative lesson).  If you need to change lessons due to a vacation we need one month's notice as we bill monthly.  If notice is not given a month or more prior, charges will go through as scheduled.  

If your teacher cannot make your lesson we will work with you to reschedule within 30days or will offer a refund. Makeups and refunds will not be issued for any missed lessons.  Please contact us if there are emergency circumstances.  

No refunds or makeups are issued for group classes.


Withdrawing From Lessons

While we understand busy schedules, juggling activities and children's curiosity for many subjects we also know that momentum is key to any education.  Starting and stopping lessons will make learning more difficult and cost more in review.  If you are considering a pause in lessons for scheduling purposes please contact us first.  We would love to help you/ your student find a creative way of continuing momentum that works with their schedule.  

If you are considering a withdrawal from lessons due to concerns please reach out.  We promise to listen and work with you to create a wonderful learning experience.  For parent support please check out our Parent FAQ page.  

We always want the best fit for everyone.  We love our community-If we’re not a right fit for you we would love to help you find someone who is!


We require one month (4 weeks) written notice (either by text or email), when needing to withdraw from lessons.  If four weeks written notice is not provided, a fee equivalent to four weeks will be due for the month of lessons missed.  We recommend attending as many sessions as possible within your final month to help provide the best transition for everyone involved.  

Late Arrival

If you’re running more than 5 mins late, please text/call your teacher.  We will make at least one attempt to contact you via phone or text.  If we have no contact we will wait 10mins for a 30min lesson and 20mins for a 60min lesson before leaving/moving forward on other things.  At this point we will send instructions on what to focus on for the week in practice.  If a student is tardy, they will only receive a class for the remainder of the time available during their regularly scheduled lesson time.  A refund will not be offered for any late arrival, nor will the lesson be significantly altered to fit within the remaining time.  Makeups are not given for group classes.

Inclement Weather

If the weather is extreme enough that travel is unsafe we will offer an online/video lesson via Facetime or Zoom whenever possible. Refunds will not be issued for weather-related closures as you have an alternative.  Obviously catastrophic events will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  

Code of Conduct

We know that kids are!  And messes will happen!  We do our best to provide a safe and fun atmosphere where everyone feels like they can be themselves.  In the event that a student makes choices to hinder this or are having trouble regulating themselves we will do our best to help them, give warnings, and walk them through trying things differently.  If this does not work, we will respectfully ask that the child be picked up and not attend the rest of class.  No makeup or refunds will be given. 


Things that will NEVER be tolerated: 

  1. Bullying of any kind, including but not limited to physical, verbal, or emotional abuse.

  2. Hate Speech towards a people group or any individual’s gender, religious background, ethnicity, overall identity, or any other lawfully protected category. 

  3. ANY physical harm to another student or teacher (we’re not describing accidents) 

  4. ANY intentional destruction of another’s property

Parent Attendance

You know your child best.  Our professional experience is that children tend to do best when there is no audience for private lessons; however we also understand that for some students it may be beneficial to have a parent/guardian attend.  Please let us know if you feel this is best and we are happy to discuss the best scenario possible.  In general, in order to foster a productive and focused environment, we encourage parents/guardians to not attend unless specifically stated in the course description (ex: Mommy and Me). 

Visitors In Lessons

It’s a fun thought to have a friend pop in on a lesson or let grandma sit in if she’s visiting but this needs to be done with the consent of the teacher.  Please ask first by giving at least 2hrs of notice-we want to use your time very well.  


We are happy to record progress videos but do not recommend surprising students with this desire. It can be very stressful. 

If needed, teachers are willing to send a short video of them demonstrating a difficult subject for practice purposes during the week.  This must be done with the consent of the teacher.  We do not approve our teaching to be posted on social media without our permission.  Non-approved posts include but are not limited to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or any other online platforms.  If a project is appropriate to put online and we both agree will happily provide written consent over text or email.


Payments are auto billed on the first of every month. 


We use the automatic billing system Stripe.  This is billed through the school management system we use: My Music Staff.  When you registered, you were asked to put a card on file.  You can login to your account at any point to see where your billing stands, and you’ll be notified of any charges via email (and/or sms text if you enrolled).  


We will always ask your permission before charging anything extra. We do not keep your full card number or security code.  We can only identify the last four digits of your card. All credit cards will be charged a 3% processing fee.  


If you have a timing issue with a paycheck or other extenuating circumstances, please let us know and we will do our best to work with you.  Group class tuition is nonrefundable.  

Subject to Change

All of the policies here are subject to change at our discretion. 


We welcome any questions you may have!  Feel free to text or ask in person.  And as always please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your experience better. 

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